19 Dec


My Dictionary:

Rawr = Hello

And no I am not lame. I can walk perfectly fine. Anywayyyssss…

It’s almost the end of the year 2012 and YAY! I finally decided to try blogging again. I’ve blogged before but my old blog died after a really short while due to a horrible disease of ‘Negligence’ D:

What a tragic ending.


Soooooooo here I am giving blogging another try! I hope you guys won’t judge my blog cause I created it just so I can finally speak my mind. Sorta like a public diary/journal, not that I’ve ever written any of those before either 😛



I chose the title ‘The Masked Monster’ for my new blog cause I really, really like it for some reason. And it just sounds freaking cool! It’s got nothing to do with what I post on my blog though… I don’t want y’all to get wrong idea here.

Moving on~


Anybody recognizes the guy in the picture? (Hint: Rise of the Guardians) Yeppppp! He’s your one and only…


Why did I mention him? Cause I just watched the movie and I think he’s super cool and damn shuai. And I LOVE his hoodie!!! xD (Yes, I have a thing for hoodies HEHE) For me, the movie was quite good in overall. I ALMOST (the key word here is almost) cried while watching it haha. Blame it on the sad plot :/ ok maybe I’m also quite the emotional weirdo. BLEH. Whatever.

At least I have mostly normal interests 😀

Like reading books/manga; watching movies/dramas/anime; listening to music; drawing; playing (on) my saxophone/piano; swimming… and other SECRET stuff >:D MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Next next next –>

I really hope my class will turn out to be a good one since I’m changing classes next year. I don’t want to be surrounded by mean people… (who does anyways? ._.)  Or I’ll end up like this…


My old class was of course AWESOME. My classmates were super hyper and friendly. even though some of them were kinda irritating at times… So on the last day of school, it was definitely no surprise waterworks were everywhere. I cried too DUH. I’m no ice queen. I hope we will organize more class outings even when we’re no longer all together…): I already missed tons of outings cause I couldn’t make it on those day *CRIES*


Okayyy so this is the end of my first post… I’m actually kinda proud. This is one of the longest post I’ve ever written HAHA that just shows how lazy I am most of the time >:D Anyhow… I’ll be back soon! I hope… DON’T MISS ME TOO MUCH! IT’S BUH-BYE FOR NOW! さようなら!


(If you read the manga One Piece then you’ll know what this scene is all about) Ok bye for real now! 😀


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