Merry Christmas

25 Dec


I’m back again! But this time it’s only going to be a short post I think.

Sooo how was your Christmas day? Mine was GREAT. I re-watched MAMA on tv while playing some of my favorite ‘games’ with my cousins. Then I had hotpot for dinner! xD I haven’t eaten that in ages so I was super happy. And of course after dinner was more ‘games’! Oh and more goofing around of course. HEHE.

Gahd, I wish everyday was like this. But I’ll get fatter… so NO ._.

Christmas was a blast. In fact, my whole holiday has been two awesome months! I’m not gonna go into detail cos it’ll take too long(x Let’s see… I went on a cruise for the first time; went to my dream holiday country Korea and obviously went on a huge shopping spree; went to Thailand for another shopping spree; went to Legoland in Malaysia twice; went to my first ever concert- SM TOWN concert and did a lot of spazzing and fangirling; watched tons of movies; had loads of fun with my family and relatives; and blah blah blah! Yep, it’s definitely my BEST HOLIDAY EVER.


I wish every holiday will be like this xD I’ll die happy like seriously. Then after thinking about these happy stuff YAY I just had to ruin it with depressing thoughts. Boo I suck. I made it rain on my own parade :/ I made one huge tiny realisation…

The holidays are almost over.

See? I just killed my holiday mood. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


*SIGH* I didn’t get any Christmas presents too… not that I get them every other year But hey, a girl can dream ._.

Anyways, ignoring the mood-killing me, I hope all of you had an awesome Christmas and holiday(: Make the best out of the last few days of your holidays.But at least I’ve got Chinese New Year to look forward to when school starts again! xD FOOD. GAMES. FUN. YAYYYYYYY!!!

So yep, you’ve reached the end of my short post. Bye bye! And happy holidays! At least the last of them. *EVIL LAUGHTER*




Ok, I’m done. Toodles~~


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