Merry Christmas

25 Dec


I’m back again! But this time it’s only going to be a short post I think.

Sooo how was your Christmas day? Mine was GREAT. I re-watched MAMA on tv while playing some of my favorite ‘games’ with my cousins. Then I had hotpot for dinner! xD I haven’t eaten that in ages so I was super happy. And of course after dinner was more ‘games’! Oh and more goofing around of course. HEHE.

Gahd, I wish everyday was like this. But I’ll get fatter… so NO ._.

Christmas was a blast. In fact, my whole holiday has been two awesome months! I’m not gonna go into detail cos it’ll take too long(x Let’s see… I went on a cruise for the first time; went to my dream holiday country Korea and obviously went on a huge shopping spree; went to Thailand for another shopping spree; went to Legoland in Malaysia twice; went to my first ever concert- SM TOWN concert and did a lot of spazzing and fangirling; watched tons of movies; had loads of fun with my family and relatives; and blah blah blah! Yep, it’s definitely my BEST HOLIDAY EVER.


I wish every holiday will be like this xD I’ll die happy like seriously. Then after thinking about these happy stuff YAY I just had to ruin it with depressing thoughts. Boo I suck. I made it rain on my own parade :/ I made one huge tiny realisation…

The holidays are almost over.

See? I just killed my holiday mood. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


*SIGH* I didn’t get any Christmas presents too… not that I get them every other year But hey, a girl can dream ._.

Anyways, ignoring the mood-killing me, I hope all of you had an awesome Christmas and holiday(: Make the best out of the last few days of your holidays.But at least I’ve got Chinese New Year to look forward to when school starts again! xD FOOD. GAMES. FUN. YAYYYYYYY!!!

So yep, you’ve reached the end of my short post. Bye bye! And happy holidays! At least the last of them. *EVIL LAUGHTER*




Ok, I’m done. Toodles~~


First Time

24 Dec

Hello to all you crazy people out there. I’m back. Missed me? ;D

miss me

I know. Garfield is absolutely adorable. I’m talking to myself again. Not a good sign ._.

Anyway, back to the topic. I had another awesome day yesterday and yes once again I was dying to blog about it. NO, it’s not about my first time driving; or sky-diving; or scuba-diving; or pooping or fishing… It’s about my first time going to Pulau Ubin! (if you even know where it is) Yea yea I’m so old and I haven’t been there and blah blah blippity blah. There’s no age limit to such things. I do whatever I want to do whenever I want to. Problem?

Ok, WAIT. Focus. Focus. Focus.

So, ignoring the crap words of wisdom I have just shared, I’m gonna share my experience with you! Gahd, I sound like a kid blabbering about his first trip to the zoo. I won’t blabber too much about it so don’t worry either. Maybe if I’m not so lazy busy, I’ll post another post later. A double post! Aren’t I so very nice? 😀

By the way, you can listen to this song. It suits the post since it really was hot when we went there. Click the link below:

Hot Summer- f(x)

Moving on~ In case you guys didn’t know, Pulau Ubin is an island. So yep, that means I reached the island on a boat. And nope, it’s not my first time on a boat so lucky you, I’m not gonna blabber about my ‘oh-so-amazing-boat-ride’. I haven’t even gotten to the main part yet HEHE. I went there with my family and cousins by the way. Then we did what most people did when they reached there: Rent Bicycles. DUH. Do you have any idea how long it takes for you to travel from one place to another by foot? :/ If you don’t mind the distance, just know that it isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. Walking will also make you easy targets for mosquitoes. No kidding. I got bitten while riding a bicycle, what do you think? 😛


What do you think of when somebody mentions Pulau Ubin? Coconuts. Durians. Mosquitoes. Kampong houses. Anddddddd Chek Jawa of course. Why do I mention this place? Cause I went there. You don’t say. I completed all the trials there and I can say that nature is so damn interesting up close. Not that it wasn’t before. Guess what did I see there? A BOAR. A WILD boar. Cool right??? There like 3 of them wandering around and one of them was tiny. So freaking adorable! I took lots of some photos. Take a look(:

2012-12-23 10.54.47

This one’s the big one… My dad says it’s a female cos it’s got boobs xD

2012-12-23 10.52.26

This is the medium sized one… Looks younger huh…


TA-DAH! The smallest one! The size of a pillow? 😀


Ohhhh then there’s the different neighborhoods of crabs. They’re scattered around the island in huge groups like a small colony in each area. This photo’s just a small portion >:D


I really like this lake. The water is like a really, really deep blue. Just like blue paint(:

Andddd there’s lots more photos and stuff but they’re for my eyes only. HEHE. Generally, the day was quite fun. Got to bond with my family and cousins and burn some calories. Win-win situation 😀 Apparently, not really since we ate a huge lunch afterwards. Dinner was worse. We ate at Swensens. You get the idea ._. But overall, the entire day was fantabulous! xD We were goofing around like a bunch of xiao gin na and we played a lot a bit of mahjong too… Yep, definitely fun!

Actually, I just learnt how to play the basics of mahjong after pestering my mum for a very long time to teach me. Now it’s one of my favourite games haha. I like playing card games like blackjack, big 2 and monopoly deal etcetc. Especially blackjack. I play it with my relatives every New Year, it’s like a unwritten tradition. We play it with money too. Wow, I blabbered a lot this time. My love for games is just so strong 😀

Oh, today is my cousin’s birthday too. I got him this smaller craftholic rabbit as a present. It’s actually really soft and nice to hug, and freaking squishable!^^


And then we had a mini party to celebrate. We ate some awfully chocolate cake and played a bit of Battle Bears Royale (BBR) together too. HEHE.

Cake = Calories

Chocolate Cake = More Calories

More Calories = More Exercise

DAMN. Why didn’t I think of that sooner? Gahhhhhhhhh now I need to do more exercises D: Sigh… more exercises it is.

Anyway, I have come to the end of my blabbering for today! Seems like I won’t be able to do a double post though. It’s already so late. I’m so so sorry)’:


I’ll try to post it tomorrow. I’ll do my best! :’D GAMBATTE!

‘See’ you guys soon! ANNYEONG! xD



Broken Record

22 Dec

A lovely rawr to all you people! 😀

Guess what? I broke my own personal record today! HA-HAH!

*drumrolls* Anddddddddd…

I posted my first ever second post on a blog! *throws confetti* BOOYAH! 😀


…Yeppp I’ve only ever posted one post each on my old blogs :/

What? I was too lazy busy to do it ._.


Anyways, enough hyper-ing. I’ve been wanting to post on my blog for while now cos I’ve got loads of stuff to blabber about. My past few days have been pretty awesome. What can I say? I’m just so awesome.

First things first, do you know what movie came out 3 days ago??? 😀 (20/12/2012)

It’s Jackie Chan’s (JC) final action movie!!!! Yep it’s…

十二生肖!!! (aka CZ12)

I’ve been dying to watch the movie! So when it came out that day I obviously went to buy the tickets ASAP. What’s more, almost my entire extended family wanted to watch together! It was so damn cool! Imagine your family taking up like more than 3 rows in the theater! xD

Here’s a ‘short’ review:

The movie was simply awesome fantastic daebak mind-blowing… etcetc. Damn, even though JC’s already old not that young anymore… His stunts were still freaking good! The plot was also easy to stomach even for people like me who never read the summary. There were some nice sad parts too. Yeaaa and my tears start leaking again… Then there’s also the comedy parts. They’re natural and really good. The actors were also really good. Their reactions were priceless sometimes. Then there were some surprise guests acting in it too *wriggles eyebrows*


(LOLLLLL T.O.P eyebrow wriggling epic fail)

I’m not gonna give spoilers HEHE. Anyways, it’s definitely worth your money. So just shut up and buy the ticket! >:D

So yeaaaaaaaa… I LOVED THE DAMN MOVIE. Not to mention me being addicted to it too…

Gahhhhhhhhh I feel like watching it again!!! xD

Here’s a pic of one of the starting scenes…


The outfit is damn cool. And the stunts he pulled were like so smooth!!!^^ He was ‘rolling’ down the mountain roads in this outfit haha

The movie got loads of stuff like this! Sooo go watch it! ;D

Ok, end of review. *takes a bow*


(and yes I’m spamming gifs now~)


Time to blabber about my day. It was very musically inclined today… Not that I’m complaining 😀

I had CCA for 4 hours and no it’s not chinese orchestra (CO), it’s the Symphonic Band!!! ❤ I love it to pieces!!! My section is awesome too! Cool. Crazy. Weird. Funny. And we work damn well together! That’s why I love it when we have sectional practices (SP). It’s never boring with such section mates. Trust me. SAXES 4EVER! Yeppp I play the tenor saxophone! ‘He’s’ my secret inanimate boyfriend. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Gahd I’m partially insane now.

Oh oh and then there’s full band. Our conductor is the awesome-est. The music we play is music to my ears. No pun intended. xD

So yeah after CCA, I went home and then practiced my piano for a few whole hours. I couldn’t feel my fingers after that. Then at night, I had ballet lessons. I’ve missed a lot of lessons for the past few weeks and urgh. Definitely not good. My legs were wobbling. A few weeks of not exercising and yea I get extremely weak legs. Gah. I need to exercise soon. But other than my aching limbs  it was definitely a good day.  And yep, definitely musically inclined. But heyyyy I’m not complaining. I lived through the day.


So I’ve started doing some light exercises before I sleep. I do some sit-ups and push-ups. I hope it keeps my muscles intact. Not that they were in the first place. It helps me to not be so lazy inactive all the time too. At least something good comes out of it. Heh.

And at least I exercised. I usually don’t.

Ohhhh it’s the end of my second post! Hooray! I’m going out early in the morning so I need my beauty sleep too. Not that it’s still early now. I think I will post another post again sometime soon! See ya’ll again! I’m gonna post something more interesting the next time! BUH-BYE!!!



19 Dec


My Dictionary:

Rawr = Hello

And no I am not lame. I can walk perfectly fine. Anywayyyssss…

It’s almost the end of the year 2012 and YAY! I finally decided to try blogging again. I’ve blogged before but my old blog died after a really short while due to a horrible disease of ‘Negligence’ D:

What a tragic ending.


Soooooooo here I am giving blogging another try! I hope you guys won’t judge my blog cause I created it just so I can finally speak my mind. Sorta like a public diary/journal, not that I’ve ever written any of those before either 😛



I chose the title ‘The Masked Monster’ for my new blog cause I really, really like it for some reason. And it just sounds freaking cool! It’s got nothing to do with what I post on my blog though… I don’t want y’all to get wrong idea here.

Moving on~


Anybody recognizes the guy in the picture? (Hint: Rise of the Guardians) Yeppppp! He’s your one and only…


Why did I mention him? Cause I just watched the movie and I think he’s super cool and damn shuai. And I LOVE his hoodie!!! xD (Yes, I have a thing for hoodies HEHE) For me, the movie was quite good in overall. I ALMOST (the key word here is almost) cried while watching it haha. Blame it on the sad plot :/ ok maybe I’m also quite the emotional weirdo. BLEH. Whatever.

At least I have mostly normal interests 😀

Like reading books/manga; watching movies/dramas/anime; listening to music; drawing; playing (on) my saxophone/piano; swimming… and other SECRET stuff >:D MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Next next next –>

I really hope my class will turn out to be a good one since I’m changing classes next year. I don’t want to be surrounded by mean people… (who does anyways? ._.)  Or I’ll end up like this…


My old class was of course AWESOME. My classmates were super hyper and friendly. even though some of them were kinda irritating at times… So on the last day of school, it was definitely no surprise waterworks were everywhere. I cried too DUH. I’m no ice queen. I hope we will organize more class outings even when we’re no longer all together…): I already missed tons of outings cause I couldn’t make it on those day *CRIES*


Okayyy so this is the end of my first post… I’m actually kinda proud. This is one of the longest post I’ve ever written HAHA that just shows how lazy I am most of the time >:D Anyhow… I’ll be back soon! I hope… DON’T MISS ME TOO MUCH! IT’S BUH-BYE FOR NOW! さようなら!


(If you read the manga One Piece then you’ll know what this scene is all about) Ok bye for real now! 😀